My Current Portfolio

My portfolio as of January 10, 2019 is shown below.  The year that I first purchased my current holding is displayed, followed by the overall investment return since the stock was purchased, and then the current dividend yield (if any) is shown.  The Canadian side is up a cumulative 91%, while the US side is up 122% (in US dollars - in Canadian dollars it is up close to 160%).  None of this is really brilliant stock selection - rather it is simply "sticking with the plan".  The effect of being a buyer when stocks were way down in 2008 is still evident in the portfolio.  I will update this from time to time.

NOTE: the % yield shown is the current yield.  The actual yield that I am receiving on my original investment is often much greater.  For example, while the TD Bank yields 3.96%, I have owned the stock for so long and it has risen so much since my original purchase that I am yielding more than 15% on my original cost.  Many of my stocks are yielding over 10% on the original cost, and this will only keep going up.  THIS SHOWS THE POWER OF PURCHASING SOLID, DIVIDEND PAYING STOCKS, AND SIMPLY HOLDING ONTO THEM FOREVER!

Symbol Security Year Purchased % Gain % Yield
BCE BCE Inc. 2009 61% 5.6%
BAM-A Brookfield Asset Management 2002 755% 1.5%
CM Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 2009 50% 5.3%
CNR Canadian National Railway 2016 27% 1.8%
EMA Emera Incorporated  2015 2% 5.4%
SU Suncor Energy Inc. 2002 76% 3.8%
BNS The Bank of Nova Scotia 2001 112% 4.9%
TRI Thomson Reuters Corp 2013 74% 3.2%
TD Toronto Dominion Bank 1998 290% 4.0%
TRP TransCanada Corporation 2003 78% 5.6%
MMM 3M Company 2009 111% 2.9%
GOOG Alphabet Inc. (Google) 2008 289%
AAPL Apple Inc 2012 80% 1.9%
XLY Consumer Direct ETF 2018 11% 1.3%
JNJ Johnson & Johnson 2008 56% 2.8%
PAYX Paychex Inc. 2009 101% 3.4%
PFE Pfizer Inc. 2009 133% 3.4%
SCI Service Corporation International 2009 800% 1.7%
SBUX Starbucks  2015 45% 2.3%
UL Unilever PLC 2008 52% 3.5%
WM Waste Management Inc. 2008 212% 2.1%
AVB Avalonbay Communities 2009 101% 3.4%
DLR Digital Realty Trust  2013 101% 3.9%
O Realty Income Corporation 2015 21% 4.2%
WRE Washington Real Estate Investment Trust 2011 -9% 5.1%
XEF iShares MSCI EAFE  2017 5% 2.6%
EEM iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Fund 2008 15% 2.2%

My Canadian stocks are all very conservative, dividend paying companies.  I take advantage of the dividend tax credit that favors Canadian dividends. My U.S. holdings are more diversified, and while there is no advantageous dividend tax treatment, I have benefited from the overall rise in the U.S. market as well as the rise of the U.S. dollar.  All in all, my U.S. stocks have significantly outperformed my Canadian holdings. The only non-dividend paying stock is Google.  Google is one of my "necessary" technology buys.