You may wonder what value we bring to the table. As your financial planner, we construct a holistic perspective of your financial life: what you invest or want to invest, what you spend based on your habits, and all the less exciting stuff like taxes, insurance, and estate planning. We don’t impress our lifestyle values on you, and we make sure that the year-by-year plan we develop is representative of your goals and where you want to be in one year, one decade, or fifty years down the road.

Unlike some investment brokers or portfolio managers, we are fee-based and objective. That means we're not here to sell you anything other than some thorough and informed advice, and the numbers to back it up. We look at your financial life in a complete and integrated manner, so we understand how your investments, income, spending, and taxes all impact each other. Really, we're like that old college friend who took too many business and accounting classes and really (really) likes spreadsheets.

Thirty years of experience in hands-on investing and financial management for individuals, families, and businesses means we have a pretty good handle on what we're doing. With a background in entrepreneurship, portfolio management, estate trusteeship, and executive business management, we don't just talk the talk. We also have a range of clients from all different walks of life - middle-aged and seniors, fixed income and wealthy, working and retired, singles and families. We've dealt with it all, so we can handle your situation - no sweat.