Determine your objectives and goals

We sit down and help you define your financial goals and objectives. These may be short-term (like saving for a home), medium-term (like putting money away for your children’s education), or long-term (like planning for retirement). We’ll also assess your personal tolerance for risk, which helps us plan your investment allocation strategy.

Conduct an inventory

We review every facet of your financial life to clearly and thoroughly understand your current position. This includes your bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts, pensions, loans, and insurance policies. Like many of our clients you may not know your monthly spending, so we work with you to verify your expenses.

Build a complete year-by-year financial model

A LFPS financial model starts today and continues until you (and your partner, if applicable) are 95 years old. Based on assumptions we determine together (such as your personal risk profile and your goals), we outline your assets, liabilities, income, cash flow, and major financial events on a year-by-year basis.

Review Annually Medium.jpg

Review your plan and budget annually

We don’t live in a predictable world, which means we should revisit your plan every year to make sure you’re on target. During our annual review, we can modify assumptions in your plan in case your goals, desires, or outside forces also change. We then discuss how these changes affect your yearly outcomes and your goals.